374902_2063532722730_1841674268_nI bid you welcome on my freshly established blog about my listening equipment and my music collection. My name is Tomáš, i live in Prague in Czech republic and since i was a little boy (see the pic.) i was amazed by music, and i still i am. Now at the almost age of 27, when most of great musicians dies, i am starting my collection of music records along with the equipment needed for listening of those magic black plates. I am trying not to just buy first album or amplifier i see, but i am looking for some rarities like the Pioneer HPM-60 loudspeakers and the Pioneer SA-706 amplifier. All my equipment can be accessed from the top menu. In the menu „Vinyl Collection“ i will post some interesting albums and my notes to them. And finally in the „Blog“ i will post updates of restoring my equipment and some thoughts, maybe videos and such things.

 Hope you will like my page, if amazed, leave feedback, if you need some info, simply write me thou.


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